toilet container singapore

Toilet Containers provide affordable sanitation facility for worksites or outdoor events. It offers mobility and convenience as it can be easily transported, installed and be ready for use upon delivery.

We have 20ft toilet containers for sale or rents with an option of communal or separate male and female compartments. Additional washing fixtures or shower amenities can be installed upon request.

If you haven’t heard or seen toilet containers, well here is a little description. They are made of shipping containers with in-built tank. With the size of 20 feet x 8 feet, it can accommodate many people at one time.

Toilet containers are the outhouse nowadays. Since they are made from steel boxes, they stand perfectly with their weight and shape.

The question is, are they as excellent as the indoor toilets? For this, you must not forget that they are transformed according to how indoors are with one major advantage: convenience.

Human beings have a great need to eliminate or remove toxics out of their bodies. This need may arise anywhere. It neither chooses time nor place. For that reason alone, you can see how essential it is to have accessible toilets everywhere.

The toilet containers of these days are far more innovative than what we used to get during the olden days. Today, most of the toilet containers suppliers will provide with the option of going for separate toilets for both men and women.

If you are hosting a big event, then going for clean and advanced prefabricated, and cozy toilet containers will be the best solution.