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The best construction solution for temporary site offices, meeting rooms, lounges and other sheltered activties if you need speed, cost-saving, quality and safety. 

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Container Site Offices

Container Site Offices are made of steel body which makes them valuable and reusable even at the end of your project. The interior are pre-fitted so that users can move in instantly once the power is connected to a dedicated plug installed outside the container. OSG also supplies used container office for sale and rental. 

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Prefab & Modular Site Offices

Designed for scalability, each module can be combined or stacked with selective wall panels. Prefab modular cabins are purposefully designed for space solution. It reduces onsite work as each module is assembled before delivery, thereby reducing dust and manhours and promoting safety levels on site. These site offices also scores high for its clean & flat finishes, leaving your users impressed and comfortable.

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What is the difference between New & Recon Container Office?

Generally, OSG categories site office containers into three conditions:

New Container New Interior (NCNI) Used Container New Interior
Used Container Refurbished Interior
Exterior No major dent marks Visible dent marks Visible dent marks
Interior New fittings New fittings Used fittings; Refurbished
Estimate Savings compared to NCNI 50% 30%
What is the difference between Prefab Modular Cabin & Container Site Office?
  Prefab Modular Cabin Container Office
Exterior Flat & Consistent Corrugated
Scalability Stack & join immediately with detachable walls Additional time to cut and join
Size Standard Lengths:
20ft, 30ft & 40ft
Standard Width:
8ft & 10ft (See Modulux+)
Standard lengths:
20ft & 40ft
Standard Width:
Insulation Built-in Additional cost
What is the container office size?
  20ft Container Office 40ft Container Office
Exterior Dimension 6058mm x 2438mm x 2591mm 12192mm x 2438mm x 2591mm
Interior Dimension 5860mm x 2170mm x 2200mm 12032mm x 23520mm x 2385mm

For other sizes, we are able to make to order. We have previously fabricated containers measuring as small as 2.4m to as long as 15m in length & 4.8m in width. Please refer to our page on custom container for more information.

What are the available sizes of Prefab Modular Cabins?



Available length

20ft, 30ft, 40ft

Width 8ft


Benefits of Container and Modular Space Solutions


Why build from scratch then tear down when you can reuse and relocate without having to dispose? Our containers are durable, weather resistant and an asset.

Speed & Mobility

Containers and cabins can be transported and relocated quickly, reducing preparation and tearing down times.

Convenience & Safety

Each unit is pre-fitted with essential features for immediate move-in. Reduce the need for onsite work as much as possible and promote a cleaner and safer work place. 

Fair Pricing

Pay only for what you need. We also help advise on customers in order to optimise resource planning.

Accessories & Services

Platform & Stairs

Literally elevate the experience by converting the roof into a viewing gallery or even a rooftop bar.


We offer a wide-range of add-ons and installation services specially for container purposes. Be sure to check with our sales team.


Be assured when you appoint us to deliver and unload the containers. Every site presents unique challenge and our team is here to advise the most cost-effective methods.


In our aim to provide a one-stop service to our customers, we provide on-site services such as lifting, levelling, electrical and rental of equipment e.g. generator. 

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Useful Information

Can I rent a container office?

Absolutely. OSG offers very competitive container office rental price in Singapore. Please let us know your rental duration.

Can I make to order a container?

Yes. We are able to fabricate a container to a specific size. Please view our page on Custom container.

Can I ship office container overseas?

If you intend to ship overseas, please let us know so we can advise on the necessary to make containers suitable for shipping overseas.


At OSG, we aim to provide you a one-stop service. There are various means to deliver and unload a container. Our sales team will try our best to advise the most cost-effective method according to your site access, environment and conditions. You are also welcome to arrange your own transportation to pick up your containers.

Other questions

Please visit our FAQs or send us an enquiry using the contact form. Alternatively, you may email to sales@container.sg
or call (65) 6883 2119.


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