Containers or prefabricated modules come pre-fitted with essential features. All you have to do is to connect power! You may also obtain furniture from us to make your move in more convenient. This way, you can save time on logistics and spend time on tasks that are more important.


Using containers and prefab modules leads to faster lead time than conventional build-ups. It is also cleaner and safer as fabrication takes place off-site and modules are stacked like “legos” instantly. When your project is over, you can easily dismantle them and re-use them at your new site.

Flexibility & MOBILITY

Our containers and modules have simple design and standardized dimensions which allow for easy planning, setup and transportation to diverse physical locations. The essential flexibility of our design can be suitable for modern commercial spaces, general storage facilities to a large range of building types.


Our fitted containers and prefab office modules cost a only a fraction of conventional building charges yet they are equally functional and effective. Our containers are mostly repurposed from used shipping  containers (unless otherwise specified). We offer both sales and rental option for containers. Our prefab office modules (Modulux) are especially cost-effective for large-scale requirements.


Modulux prefab office modules are built with detachable wall panels which helps you defray one-time customisation fees. We also offer modifications for office containers. Should you need specific requirements, we have a wide-range of add-ons, accessories and upgrades. Simply let us know what you need.

Durability & Quality

Our container and office modules can endure extreme weather conditions for many years with basic maintenance. We also provide 30-day leak coverage for all reconditioned office containers.