Why A Prefab Office Is Exactly What You’re Looking for Your Business?

  A prefab office is an ideal solution if you are needing a controlled space for packing rooms, labs, paint booths, or more. Or maybe you’re looking for a workspace that has a separate space from operations. Is your business growing quickly? A prefab office may be just what you are looking for. With multiple […]

What to Look For When Considering Office Container

If you’re considering an office container but aren’t informed with the products available, this article will guide you on what to inspect when planning to buy. Transportation is one of the biggest costs for any type of business. The last thing you want is to do is pay for shipping and have containers arrive busted. […]

Cost-Effective Office Container Ideal for Singaporean Entrepreneurs

OSG Containers and Modular offers the most low-cost and flexible business space with a skillfully converted shipping office container. Convenient, flexible and affordable, our shipping office container is spacious, turn-key workstations. With their durable, modular structure and unlimited design flexibility, these innovative business-oriented boxes are easy to move. Thus, allowing businesses in Singapore to take […]

5 Most Crucial Factors of An Office Container Construction

Before you get excited about your office container building, there are several things that you may be missed. The following are the 5 most essential factors of using and building an office container with a shipping container. Office Container Insulation This is one of the most vital steps of the construction because of the fluctuation […]

Office Container – Buy a Shipping Container and Reinvent the Box

.  One of the most popular conversion trends of shipping containers is transforming them into office container. When talking about shipping containers, the first thing that comes to your mind is its usual use of shipping heavy goods. But today, the function of these containers is beyond transportation. Across the world, container engineering has undergone […]

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